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& The River Valley since 2009. We're Local!

When you SPEND LTP$ - YOUR Cash stays


When you SELL in LTP$, it’s the sale

that would have gone to your competitor and

Nearly 100 New Businesses have joined in 2016?


.... it’s the EXTRA sale after your overhead has been paid Making it the most PROFITABLE Sale of the Month.

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BOTH Forbes® & Fortune® Magazines advise Small Businesses to

JOIN a TRADE EXCHANGE like Local Trade Partners.


Our Members NEED your LTP$    THINK LTP FIRST!


Your business' time and capacity are expiring assets.  Local Trade Partners will bring you new business that you can easily turn these expiring assets into goods and services that you have always wanted or that you are currently paying cash for.



Call us! 479-443-1977 or 479-648-9999



Nearly 100 New Members in 2016!


New, Profitable Customers Are Easy To Get with Local Trade Partners!

Your community currency


The Local Trade Partners Dollar is a simple and safe currency used to buy and sell with other businesses in our network. Gain additional revenue and pay your current cash expenses with

Local Trade Partners Dollars


Buy and sell in our New Marketplace


Local Trade Partners now has an Online Marketplace to make connecting with other businesses quick and easy. Sell what you have Online and shop for what you need.  We make it easy for you to attract new customers.


We are a tool for business growth.


Call us today to see what Local Trade Partners can do for you.

In Northwest Arkansas 479-443-1977 and in the River Valley 479-648-9999.


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