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Local Trade Partners

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LTP In Action

Bill owns a local business: Bill’s Cafe.  Business is good. But sometimes Bill has empty tables. He is looking for ways

to fill his cafe with new customers.




Bill joins Local Trade Partners. Smart move Bill....  Local Trade Partners’ Cashless Community is alerted that Bill has joined the community. Most of them has never been to Bill’s Cafe. Bill’s Local Trade Partners Account has a starting balance of $0 along with a

cash interest free credit line.




Bill receives his Local Trade Partners Membership Card and browses the LTP App on his smart phone. He finds a local plumber and immediately has his cafe’s plumbing issues fixed.  He uses his LTP member card to pay the plumber LTP$350.

His LTP account is now -350





By the end of the week, 11 Local Trade Partners members have dined at Bill’s Cafe for a total of $450, His Local Trade Partners Account

is now has a positive balance of  LTP$100.




Bill needs new menus designed and printed. He finds a local printer on the Local Trade Partners web site and spends LTP$1,000 on new menus.  His LTP balance is now -900




Local Trade Partners Sees that Bill still needs more business.

LTP marketing specialists design a promotional email for the cafe and puts Bill’s New LTP Gift Certificates on the Cashless Marketplace for members to buy as employee gifts.  All for no extra cost to Bill. Nice.




Buy the end of the month, Bill has generated 1,200 in New Local Trade Partners Business. Bill continues to find new cash expenses that he can pay with his LTP$ instead.  Replacing cash expenses with revenue

from new business is called AWESOME!!  His LTP Account continues

to go up and down with his revenue and expenses.





Local Trade Partners brings Bill business that would have gone to his competitors. They pay Bill in Local Trade Partners Dollars that he can spend with ANY other member in the Local Trade Partners Cashless Community. He has over 700 businesses to choose from!




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