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Local Trade Partners

your cashless community.

Local Trade Partners Etiquette


Etiquette- Welcome To Local Trade Partners.

We are thrilled that you are a member!!


Thanks for following the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you would like to be treated”

1. Please identify yourself as a member of Local Trade Partners before purchasing. Present your current membership card with your trade check. Call our 24/7 automated transaction line to authorize a transaction, Northwest Arkansas  479-439-9767   River Valley 479-345-0904


2. All sales are in 100% Local Trade Partners dollars- all transactions must go through Local Trade Partners. Any part cash transaction must be approved in advance by the Local Trade Partners office.


3. All Local Trade Partners transactions are the same price as a regular cash sale- no additional markups are allowed on a LTP sale. On the flip side, bargaining ruthlessly for the absolute lowest possible price and then paying in Local Trade Partners will not score you any popularity points. Be reasonable.


4. The Local Trade Partners Price is all- inclusive- no cash charge for parts etc.  Post transactions ASAP to keep balances accurate. Use oir automated 24/7 transaction line, our web site, transaction link, tablet sales app or smart phone app or call our office during business hours.


5. The buyer always pays sales tax and/or TIPS at the time of purchase in cash, preferably no checks or credit/debit cards. Please tip generously if the service merits, we want local wait staff to be excited about Local Trade Partners.


6. Just like in the cash world, Local Trade Partners Members will have different margins, markups and prices etc. SHOP! Feel free to get quotes from members and non-members when making a purchase.


7. Be reasonable! Don’t book an entire dining room on a Razorback game night. Local Trade Partners dollars are a wonderful addition to our business and personal lives, but Cash is KING- Be Considerate! We’re all in this together and cash sales are our lifeblood. Trading needs to be a win/win.


9. GO Commerce- let members know who you are and what you sell. Take the time to get to know each other. The networking and marketing side of Local Trade Partners is a great opportunity to build your business and make new friends. Always call or email the Local Trade Partners office with compliments, questions, frustrations or complaints. We’re here to help you! 479-443-1977 or in Fort Smith at 479-648-9999.


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