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Local Trade Partners

your cashless community.

BE NICE – Give great customer service to

Local Trade Partners Members




Treat every Local Trade Partner member as you would a cash customer – A Local Trade Partners Customer will provide just as much word-of-mouth business as a cash customer.  Make your Local Trade Partners Customers feel welcome.


Resolve customer issues the same as you would any customer.




Be Upfront! Identify yourself as a Local Trade Partner members immediately.

Tip well (Typically 20% cash of total). Make the service staff excited when they see the Local Trade Partners Card.  Alternately, if you receive poor service and feel like they have not earned a good tip, do them the favor of feedback.


CHECK PRICES – Just like you do with cash.




Sell at your everyday selling price. Sale pricing is at the discretion of the seller.

Local Trade Partners may remove any item from the Local Trade Partners Marketplace for overpricing.




Perform due diligence when buying. Check pricing, ratings and get referrals.

If it doesn’t make financial sense for you to buy it, then please do not purchase it!




Keep accurate records for all Local Trade Partners Transactions

Review your statement and report any errors immediately.

Don't use your Local Trade Partners card if you don’t have funds available or if your cash fees aren’t current. This may result in overdraft fees, removal of credit lines and more.  Apply for a credit line. Local Trade Partners is a great way to borrow money, because you get to pay back your loan with NEW customers.




Know & protect your rights as both a buyer & a seller.


Seller Protections:

Obtain proper payment authorization before processing transactions.

Ensure that Local Trade Partners is noted as the payment method; it must be clear on all contracts or paperwork.


Process transactions immediately using our many authorization methods, to avoid insufficient funds.


Buyer Protections:


Don’t sign until you are happy!  Ensure that Local Trade Partners is stated as the payment method on all contracts or paperwork.


If you want to dispute a transaction, first contact the seller to try to come to a resolution. If you cannot come to a resolution, then call the Local Trade Partners office


MAXIMIZE YOUR Trade Dollars – minimize any cash-blended transactions & obtain Local Trade Partners approval in advance, before using part cash.  Local Trade Partners markets you to receive Local Trade Partners Dollars, not cash.  Local Trade Partners is a Marketplace to spend Local Trade Partners Dollars, not cash.


All offers on the Local Trade Partners Marketplace must be at 100% Local Trade Partners



Let us know!  Good or bad, we want to hear about it!


We can't help you if we don't know you have a problem.

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