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Local Trade Partners

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Local Trade Partners General Policies


Local Trade Partners, LLC General Policies, Procedures, And Conditions


We're looking for a simple and equitable system that serves best serves our members.


Please remember- Treat your fellow member well- we're all local business people with the same challenges, the Golden Rule and polite courtesy go a long way.


1- Local Trade Partners is a Cashless Community. In some cases cash is allowed for special order parts, parts not in the regular supply stream and building materials.   NO MARK UP IS ALLOWED ON CASH ITEMS. Part cash items must be sold at sellers Cost.   All transactions involving part cash must be approved in advance by the Local Trade Partners Office, Please call us prior to purchase.. In the event of a part trade/ part cash approved transaction, the 10% cash transaction fee is due on the entire amount of the transaction (cash + trade).


2- If you trade with a Local Trade Exchange member without using Local Trade Partners and paying the transaction fee, both members will be removed from Local Trade Partners and will forfeit all earned Local Trade Partners Dollars.  Any Local Trade Partners Dollars due Local Trade Partners must be paid in full, in cash upon removal.  We need a valid debit/credit card with funds available on file for your transaction fees, fees are charged as accrued. Beware that when you conduct business in Local Trade Partners, cash fees will be due.  Your valid debit/credit card keeps us efficient. A card that does not run 2 times in a row may result in the members trading account being disabled or the member will be removed from Local Trade Partners.


3- Local Trade Partners sends Member Statements within 7 days of the first day of the month for the previous months activity via email. Current Statements are available 24/7 on the Local Trade Partners web site. We do all of the accounting for you.


4- A list of current available client services is available on our web site at If you do not have access to the web site, we're happy to send you a list by mail or email.


5- Any account with a negative Local Trade Partners balance that exceeds your allowable credit line may be charged a late cash fee of 15%. NSF Local Trade Partners transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and may be subject to an NSF CASH FEE of $50 and negative balances may be due in cash (NSF Fees and NSF amounts may be charged to your credit/debit card on file). Please be aware of your spendable balance before you buy. Members who spend Local Trade Partners with insufficient funds may be prosecuted for criminal fraud.


6- Disputes between members will be settled by Local Trade Partners. Local Trade Partners reserves the right to remove members at will. In the event of member removal, the member will be given 60 days to spend accumulated trade dollars. Any deficit must be paid in goods acceptable to Local Trade Partners or cash. Local Trade Partners can invoke "On Hold" status if a member accumulates too many Local Trade Partners Dollars.


7- All information contained on the Local Trade Partners website is intended for member use only.


8- All transactions must be authorized on the Local Trade Partner Website at the point of sale 7 days of sale. Once authorized, Local Trade Partners Dollars DO NOT EXPIRE.


9- Members of Local Trade Partners are not obligated to accept Local Trade Partners Dollars with members if they have a previous cash business relationship. Members are asked to be reasonable and work with fellow members for mutual gain regarding this policy.


10- Certain High Demand Items are handled on a "Broker- Managed" Basis. Please feel free to ask your broker about any available items.


11. As a member of Local Trade Partners, you have given us affirmative permission to contact you and send you text messages and marketing messages via your cell phone.  If you would like to revoke this permission please call us at 479-443-1977 and we'll gladly remove your phone number from our database.  THANKS




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